Peach and Rosalina

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Two very powerful Princesses have teamed up in Super Mario World. They are here to save your cock from boredom. They splash up against a rock hard cock making a princess titty sandwich. You control how fast the fucking goes and they are happy to feel it out. Make the titty fuck go fast or slow. Here they moan to speed and the fun Super Mario sound effects. Play director and you can zoom in as well and determine when they should get cum splashed all over their faces.

Zelda Blowjob of the Wild

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Have you ever wonder why Link was so set on helping and taking care of Zelda? Well this mean as blow job tells all. Zelda is a princess who always get’s her way. She gets down and starts sucking and doesn’t come up for air. She likes to start and stop and slob on the side as the this massive throbbing cock enters and slides out of her wet horny princess sex hole of a mouth. You control the action and the speed to get her to mouth fuck you until you drop a load in her mouth.


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Meikou is pretty much ready for anything you just have to coach her a little bit. You need to sweet talk and tease get her wet. Slip her panties to the side and try to move in. She makes refuse but keeps trying. Once they’re off the game moves forward and you can tease her pussy and get her wet and ready for a big cock. Drill deep this shy little slut loves it.